It’s just one of my way to express my self

Damn Day

Today is a horouble day.

Yesterday my teacher said if today was an oral test, we need to study all the text that they had givent to us. That was so much text, i had been reading it for the whole nigh, till finaly i cant sleep well.  I wake all the time but my eyes where so sleapy.  Each time i wake each time i try to sleep, than i wake at 4 i havend do the tahajut so i just do it, than continew reading.  Waw !!! i wake at 6. 20 than i just run away to do the fajar prayer, grab the cereal eat it fast so i m not late, the bus is about to come.

Finally i get to the school siting and wait till the bell ring.  The bell is ring and teacher come to give the asigment, she said that we need to do the pree write for the final exam, its about american dreams and we need to do it in a movie scrip, and the actor is use to be HIP student. DAMN. every body just like “whats” and she just smelling ……. she is happy to see if we are conffuse thats mean its hard. 

I have no idea what im gone write so i just continew reading becouse its about my trun to do the oral exam.  The first group is done than is my groups trun, i go ahead with my friends out to hall, she olready there.  When i take a sit, she said ” ifa i m sorry i had a horaouble day today, you not supose to do this exam” i  m just like “Whats…okey” actually i mad, why she doesnt told me before so doesnt need to wishing my time to read all the freaking texs.  Than i just go back to class continew my writing, every body in the class is just freeking out, they just joking and listed to the ipod.  One of my friends he already start writing, he is so mint.  His story is bloody, in his story he just write if every body just gone deat and he is the one who only alive. 

He read his story loud in front of class and it just make funn of them who olready death, after that every body just start yelling and make another story about kiliing each other in that class.  My and my friends just loughing, we where still conffuse whit what we gone write.

The class is almost offer but, i dont know what the hell is  hapend my stomick is hurt, ouch !!! i think its because i eat fast this morning 😦 .  I remember i still have soda on  my locker may that will help  he he he……………… because soda is clenser right !!!

 Anyway this is just little bit of my story today. i just want to read this down becsouse i dont have anybody to share. 


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