It’s just one of my way to express my self

The American Dreams

The Americans Dream is the subjeck that we learn for this semester.  The dreams to  increase in what ever you have and you where enjoy and happy with it.   That is the definiton that we get after a long discusion in the class.  Our seminar class in my HIP programe is one of the most influence class for my self here.  Not just increase my knowledge about america  but also a little bit of < cuci otak  maaf takut  klo ada orang america yg baca>  who sometimes make me unconfortable to be here.  Actually that is relly nice class but, yup…… as the only muslim in that class and the only person whos come from sweetshop country i feel it is so horouble. 

 For me, my dream is not only what i m gone get in this short live.  Theres another live whic is more importan.  Anyway they will not understand what it was, yups most of them where doesnt belive on  it.

I stand as what i belive thought i m in America.  Profit is not the only things that i want, and i belive if money cant buy a happyness.  Thought theres some of them who belive in same concep but its still different.  I dont care when some body where saying or calling me by stupid.  I know i m not stupid.  Sometimes if theres a people whos doing stuff that distrubme up, i just doesnt care about it.  Or i just say to my self ” We see who is right if not today, next day in the day of jugdment.”  Thought may be i m bad, but i know you where a lot lot bad than me.  Is the only things that can make me happy.


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