It’s just one of my way to express my self

The bigger your expectation is, the more pain you’ll receive. If we put to much hope, wishes, or expectation to creature calls human, be prepare to be hurt. Why? Based on experience, people can’t always be like we want to be, and it never will.

Imam Syafi’i rahimakumullah said (more or less like this) “You can not please everyone, if you’re trying to, than prepare your self that they will never satisfy”.

That’s why don’t put a lot of expectation to humans. Just put your expectation to the Most Powerful and to the True Owner of The Intention, God, Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala.

If you’re expecting a good husband/wife, beside of her/his added value that makes you interest, she/he will also have minus things that they keep. If you’re expecting a nice co-worker/boss, well all the working place are the same, it have various character working on it. And others example in all of field is having the same law. Great expectations create great disappointment.

So, don’t be too disappointed if your expectation aren’t accomplish. Just keep the smile and keep the zikr šŸ™‚


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