It’s just one of my way to express my self

If they say…………

If someone underestimating you, don’t believe it.


If someone calls you ugly, unbeautiful, unhandsome, unattractive, unaesthetic, or any of those similar word that have the meaning: deficient in beauty, don’t trust it.


If someone calls you stupid, dummy, moron, idiot, dumb, imbecile, beetle headed, dull, foolish, gaga, goofy, unintelligent or any of those word that have the meaning: lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity, don’t believe them.


You are great, trust me on that. You have won the competition against 200 million people before (see the journey of the sperm to ovum); learning a complex structure of word, it meaning, and millions of vocabulary when you are kid and trying to talk; you had pass the school/obtain a degree in university; and many of those achievement that you didn’t realizing. Try to mentioning one by one, I’m sure that you’ll be surprise how great you are, in school, on work, in your relation, in business, and in any field that you can imagine.


You are great then, why you think that you are not great now? That is how someone do to make you have a low self esteem and become under their toe.


If you let those kind of thought entering your mind, it will be dangerous, because a lot of people said: “You are what you think you are”. So, starting from now, said this word to your self, “You are great and you are pro”.


Walk straight, put your head up, and your chest in front. You are great and you are pro, trust me on that.


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