It’s just one of my way to express my self


Dear my beloved friends

I would like to tell you about somethings.   Somethings that i just remember, after i opend my old diary, yups….. my old diary.  Diary that i wrote when i was youngs, a long time ago. Thought this i wrote when i was youngs but theres somethings that i remember, somethings important, for me for you and for ours friendship. 

May be this is ugly, but ….. let me tell you.

did you still remeber the song…. songs that singed by audi, i forgote the tittle, but let me tell you little bit of the lirict that i still remember…….

Biarkan saja kekasihmu pergi

Teruskan saja mimpi yang kaou tunda

Kita temukan tempat yang layak


              Kupercayakan langkah bersamamu

               Tak ku ragukan berbagi denganmu

              Kita temukan tempat yang layak


Kita mencari …..jati diri…. menemukan mimpi……………

I thinks thats is enough, i just want to remind you again. if we where loking for our dreams.  The dreams that we set sinch we where little, let begin a new page…… do not regret any more.

Make our dreams come true !!!


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