It’s just one of my way to express my self

The Alaska Governor

Visiting to the capital city at spring break is a good idea, we where going to visit the capital city and meet with the governor, actually the most amazing experience is when we where beable to join in a congress, and represented by the senator for each person area.  I just know that today, it quite different with what indonesia goverment do.

The speakers for today is a goverment from DC he was an army, he support the war in iraq, and you know what during the congress there one gay who where yeling at him, becouse he said that the alaskan citizen had been tayet for his lie in 7 years, so much kids where die on there, for no reason. 

 And i was beable to meet with some organization whos doing a demonstrate in front of the capital building, than at the evening we meet with Sarah Palin the governor of Alaska. She still youngs and verry smart, and she is also the first women in alaska state governor history.

When we get home, the coordinate get a call form Anchorage, they said that they sow us in the TV and directly we stay on and whaiting for the news.  That was awesome, we can see all of us there, thought we miss the important part when the guy where yeling at the senator.


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