It’s just one of my way to express my self

Muslim in Alaska

Yesterday the Arabic Television comes to interview muslim in anchorage thy where excaiting about muslim in alaska.  This television had been gone to aloth of state in US to show people in the world if muslin is anywhere and Islam in the Universe dien.

The interview where placed in my house, that is our pleasure to welcome them in our house.  Mommy invite some of her friends to come, so they can interview with a loth of people.  All the people where so happy.

The next day all the muslim familly have a pothluck for welcoming them in the masjid, that was more fun than the day before.  I meet the new familly whos comes from Texas the are Malesian, i where beable to speak indonesian :).

That was a fun day for every body, but not for me 😦 during the interview i need to take care of all the baby and kids in my room that day i was so so tired 😦 i havent sleap for a long time and i still have so much work to do.  Keeping baby to be quite and not cry in my room is worsh job i never had.  I never see my room as horouble as that time,  till finally the interview done.  I was so happy thats mean i get free time, but not at all i still have to clean my room from worsh puzzel, doing my loundry,  school home work, and get a rest.  All the work done about 1 a.m. and than i still need to wake early at the next day.  I still have something to do. 

When i was in the school, i was so sleapy we where couching in the hall i told my friends if i where so tired so i just want to lay done in the hall, that is not a new thing here 🙂 thaought just lay for couple minut but that where so helpfull.  After school i have a voulentary programe to do. 

I get home at 2.35 do the praying and stuff, till 3.00 i havent eat my luch yet but the lady is already here to pick my up.  I just say thats ok its not my first time not to eat luch 🙂 fine. The only thing that i want is just go to sleap. 😀 😀 😀


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