It’s just one of my way to express my self


That is my big question for you.

Yesterday i get my repord card for the 3th quarter.  That was better than before, at least i increase some of my grade thaought the math still in the same position.

I have 6 subject that i took for this semester, i get A for all the 5 subject but my math is F.  I know that is horouble but i already try, try to get better.

My trith quater where so bad i know that, so that  fine if mommy and pappy where disapointed with me. I had been  try to get better in this quarter, for them, to show them if i where not bad girls, and i want to do my best for them, as my thanks, for housting me.   But did they know if i had been try ….??? 

 Actually this quarter i get better in my math it just becouse i need to cover the grade that i get  for the last quarter so my grade in this quarter is covering 2 quarter,that why this quarter my grade still is a bad position.  But that doesnt mean if i m not try.

Mom  and Dad i had been trying my best, i dont want you to be disapointed with me.  I m sorry to still have F on my math.  Theres a reason why, …..why i took a higher class not a lower class, why i m choose to take a math thought i know i m bad on it.  You would not understand, becouse you just want to know if i need to get an A.

Mom and dad i m sorry to be bad girls for you, but i know my possiton. may be sometimes i m wrong, but not at all. I know you know better than me but that doesnt mean you always right.  Once again i m sorry to disapointed you.


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